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Alongside our Villa la Vega and the holiday apartments we cultivate, on the island of Lanzarote in Tias, also pumpkin and wines.

We will take you on an entire personal excursion

If you are interested, we will take you on an entire personal excursion of the island and will show you at our cultivated fields, under which conditions agriculture is possible in Lanzarote.

Because of erosion, the covering with volcanic ash and rocks, the buildings and the strong angle of inclination of the landscape, nearly 75 percent of the surface of Lanzarote can not be used for agriculture. The very dry climate, low rainfall and wind erosion aggravates the situation.

Agriculture in Lanzarote

Necessity is the mother of invention. After the terrible volcanic eruptions in the 18th Century, the Lanzaroteños have discovered that trees, whose roots were covered with volcanic ashes, grew significantly better. Now the Lanzaroteños dug, till they reached fertile soil, and planted gape vines into the ground. The Picón (volcanic ash) is permeable and allows that the scarce rainfall gets quickly into the soil and thus can be taken up by the roots. The volcanic ash reduces evaporation and takes the dew, by capillary action, to the roots of the plants.

Not only in the wine growing region is this type of dry land farming being used, but it is also used for the cultivation of potatoes, onions, garlic, corn, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, melons and cactuses. Many people can not imagine that it is possible to grow on such barren soil so different and also very tasty vegetable.

We would be pleased to welcome you as a guest at our Villa la Vega, to explain you in details, during an excursion, this characteristic aspect of the island of Lanzarote. Please talk to us about this possibility at the time of your booking.

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Urlaub auf Lanzarote in einer Ferienwohnung mit Pool am Meer

Möchten Sie einen traumhaft schönen Urlaub auf Lanzarote verbringen? Mit der besonders attraktiven Anlage der Villa La Vega finden Sie genau das, was Sie zur Erholung brauchen.

Ferienwohnung Lanzarote mit Pool

Damit Ihr Urlaub zum einmaligen Erlebnis wird, wartet auf Sie neben den komfortablen Ferienwohnungen ein absolutes Highlight: ein gepflegter tropischer Garten, welcher den im Winter beheizten Pool umrundet.

Unterkunft Lanzarote

Genieβen Sie Ihren Urlaub von Anfang an mit atemberaubender Aussicht auf das Meer und im Winter direkt vom klimatisierten Pool.

Lanzarote Privatunterkünfte

Lassen Sie sich von Tag zu Tag neu begeistern von der gepfegten Anlage und den konfortablen Ferienwohnungen sowie dem einzigartigen Blick auf das endlose Meer. Villa La Vega!